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9/6/20233 min read

All about Milk

Milk is complete diet in itself, due to its nutrition density. We can get almost all type of nutrition for our daily needs. It's an imperative source of nutrients including high quality protein, carbohydrates and particular micronutrients. Milk comprising of 85 - 88% water, 3 - 4% protein, 4 - 5% lactose, 3 - 10% fat, 0.70% minerals and 3.36% minor components. Milk contains various types of protein, out of which predominantly two are considered imperative, Whey protein (14%) and Casein (80%).

Most beautiful thing of milk is, it is beneficial for everyone. Consumption may vary according to your body requirement depending upon your age and the lifestyle you're living.

What is Raw Milk? The Milk comes directly from Cows and Buffalos and has not been heat - treated to change their any type of properties is generally known as Raw milk.

What is Fresh Milk? Milk Nutrition value is inversely proportional to the time. After milking from cows, milk nutritional value start reducing. So higher the time difference between cow milking to consumption of milk, lower the nutrition value of milk you get. Generally we milk our cows two times a day in Morning and Evening. So fresh milk is the milk you get in the morning / evening asap after milking. Now you may know, what is fresh milk or how much fresh milk you're getting.

No Milk Withdrawal Period Our Cattle are Healthy and Happy. Because we keep do testing our cattle on periodic basis as per protocol. We know the criticality of cattle diseases and their impact on human health. That's why we maintained a separate space for ill cattle and keep their milk separate or giving their milk to their calves if suitable. Why we keep them separate and also not using their milk? The very strong reason because cattle disease could be contagious to other healthy cattle and also there is "No Milk Withdrawal Period of the treated cattle for some days due to antibiotic treatment and there are strong chances of presence of antibiotic in the milk and which is not good for consumption. "This information should be known to your Dairy Farmer or Supplier". Please ask them, how do they manage their ill cattle?

Balance Feed Providing balance feed to our cattle is damn critical Bioscience. The balance feed maintains the cattle healthy. And everyone knew that healthy milk comes from healthy cattle. The simple rule of balance feed is: 30% Energy, 30% Protein, 30% Fiber and 10% supplements. As it is showing so simple but trust us it is very technical to maintain this balancing. Try to ask your Dairy Farmer or Supplier.